The Ember

by Drew Worthley

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The Ember 02:31
The Ember Once upon a lost time our hands first touched With sparks and gasps and eyes locked, through fire and dust. You were shivering in the chill night air And I was trembling, though my heart burned and my soul sang. I once dreamed up plans and schemed of lands for our sojourns, But you were cloaked in mystery far beyond me. Your complications and machinations Quenched the blaze and wrenched our days from grace. Once upon a time I thought love was enough. Perhaps it is for fairy tales but it wasn’t for us. So here glows the ember of our first flame, And I will always remember those days you knew my name.
3am (free) 03:01
3am Tonight I saw your face again, On the other side of the world. Tonight I heard your song, your grace again, Saw you smiling not for me, but for him. Do you know that I sit here still? Do you know that you haunt me still? Do you know that it’s 3am and I won’t sleep? Because you will find me and you will leave me again, In my dreams. Morning breaks and steals your ghost with bitter joy, Again I learn to breathe alone. The fight to unremember you wearies me. My hands are open but my ring finger’s bare. Do you know that I weep here still? Do you know that you break me still? Do you know that it’s 3am and I won’t sleep? Because you will find me and you will love me again In my dreams.
When I Was a Boy When I was a boy I was going to be a garbage man In my van, gathering the bins and the bags In shiny cans, with blue dungarees and my big red hair. When I was a boy I was going to be the finest clown in town With painted frown making the crowds gasp laugh and wow As I fell down on my big red nose. But where am I now? And who am I now? I’m an old young man with a hope and this guitar. When I was a boy I was going to be Luke Skywalker Make myself a real bright blue lightsaber Wear a cloak shoot my laser, go and rescue Princess Leia. And the stormtroopers would fall all around, The stormtroopers would fall as I ran through the woods with my sister and pals Ran with Lando, Chewie and Han. But where am I now? And who am I now? I’m a son, brother, friend with a heart and this guitar. When I was a boy I fell crazily in love with you The girl next door, I was floored, the very first time that I saw Your glorious eyes and your willowy stride so our hands intertwined. And the storms could fall all around us As we walked under black starlit skies For better or worse, in sickness and health, for rich and for poor Till this death did us part. But where are we now? And who are we now? A pair of broken hearts and two searching souls Who are poles apart with two gaping holes So we go from here with our pain and our guitars.
Fat Charlie the Archangel Sloped into the room He said I have no opinion about this And I have no opinion about that Sad as a lonely little wrinkled balloon He said well I don't claim to be happy about this, boys And I don't seem to be happy about that I don't want no part of this crazy love I don't want no part of your love She says she knows about jokes This time the joke is on me Well, I have no opinion about that And I have no opinion about me Somebody could walk into this room And say your life is on fire It's all over the evening news All about the fire in your life On the evening news Fat Charlie the Archangel Files for divorce He says well this will eat up a year of my life And then there's all that weight to be lost She says the joke is on me I say the joke is on her I said I have no opinion about that Well, we'll just have to wait and confer
Blistering My Skin Oh, wandering my soul through this darkness all around me. Oh, blistering my skin through this darkness all around me. I look and I cry but I find only night, I search deep inside, there’s no strength for this fight, The pain rips through me, the hope bleeds from me, As you bleed from me. Oh, shattering my past, my path, my heart Through this darkness all around.
Drive to Nowhere This night by the flicker of skeleton trees I drive to nowhere Passing by cloud of witness The pulse of loss-song fuels the wounded heart. Sadness seeps, tear released, Moonlight creeps, across from me, a ghost. Through my grave the soul searches ancient days But we won’t know till the darkness falls down. The jaded land groans under his twisted hand, But we won’t know till the darkness falls down.
All to Give 03:51
All to Give On days like today I wish I could sleep my whole life away, My carcass creaks and breathes lament, The spectre of your shadow stalks through my years. You clothe yourself in fairy-tales, hide behind faux-kind words so damn easy, Lose your head with him again, Awakening betrayals that scorched my earth. Did I use all that love I have to give on you? Did you use all the lies you have to live on me? Oh God show me grace, I’m chasing the wind. Please God show me grace.
Mansions and Anthems. Alarms ring, kettles sing, the soundtrack of our life begins. With mp3s, our radios, ipods, ipads and tv shows. And all the while we hide behind online profiles and headphone smiles. The music plays our days away. We flee the silence, The ghost of stillness whispers our lament. So with anthems and mansions we ransom our lives. Evening falls with mobile calls, ringtones and texts hold us enthralled. The stereo sings us its songs and fills our hearts with darkened longing. For the fears of wasted years to fade with wine and sitcom cheers. The music slides our nights by. (There is desperation in the roar and the whisper and in the cry of our hearts) Weeks drift by, young months fly, our glory years wither and die. We live in dreams and fantasies, drunk on the screams of magazines, Trading myths of ancient truth for botox hopes and Dorian’s youth. The music frames our graveside.
Falling Through You The door is closed and your things are gone Fragments linger of the past, of what passes me by. The home I have lived in, the pain I have breathed in. Now all that’s left, your photo in my soul. I fade, falling through you. I fade falling through you and me. Our life folds into boxes and ash. Music silenced, your songs laugh at the fool they leave here I fade, falling through you. I fade, falling through you and me. Now this autumn rain sees our colours drain, Vows like mountains crumble into the grey. Your hand slips from mine, memories crack in frozen time I stand open, broken, alone. Emptiness creeps through windows and halls. Coffee and air thread my veins. Fingers curl round strung beads and a cross Daydreams of you still breathe.
How Long (Fran’s Song) They say that time will heal our wounds They say the day will see us through So we stand here with trembling hands Grasp hope like sand and we smile like we’re fine. They say you breathe again today You wake again today. So we’ll carry the scars, and stumble through the dark, With our stories and songs of love lost and a man on a cross We bend to the light, kick the dust off long winter’s night. So I say my friend, you are alive again, You wake to grace again. How long will this one take How long will it take for the spell to break How long till beauty awakes anew And the skies blaze with azure blue over you? They say that this will strengthen us And the day will come when colour floods our crumbling husks When monsters will fade with memories and first love’s wraith So today you say I am alive again, I will touch the sparks again.
The Decree 04:33
The Decree Now the Boy drives to the Girl, Battles his heart, wrestles the rainstorm. It washes his car clean, washes their sins clean away. The Girl waits for the Boy, Lays the wood with trembling hands and lost joy. The spark of the match flares, The spark in her heart flares into flame, Oh, she knows this one will hurt like hell Oh, he knows he is falling through time and brimstone, And those old vows still flow through him. So the Boy knocks at her door Then she’s there, dressed in beauty and tears. The blood and the love roar, The mystery leaps forth. Oh, he says, Girl I step into colour with you. No, she says, Boy I don’t want to believe it’s true, That I could feel this with you That I still weep here with you I don’t want to believe you’re true. Hours fade as the gods weave their fate Their splintered love yields to the coup de grace She holds him like grieving He leaves though it slays him. Girl, he says, I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know, Boy, she says, you’ll meet me again in this world, No, he says, don’t you know this will be our last time? So as he goes she knows, This was reality calling, Through tangled secrets and mournings From swallows turning and falling It was reality calling.


“The Ember is a wonderful low key release that really deserves your time and attention, like I said it’s a slow burner but when it takes hold it really takes hold and I assure you it’s not one of those albums you’ll enjoy for the moment, this one is for life.”
Rhythm & Booze

“Raw, soulful and unadorned…conjure[s] up some beautiful waves of atmosphere.”

“This debut album by this British artist is an impressive offering and shows he has set himself a benchmark which will take an extraordinary effort to even match let alone better.”
Maverick Magazine


released April 1, 2011


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Drew Worthley UK

Crafter of a curious blend of cerebral indie-pop with a twist of lyrical Americana. Newly released sophomore record 'CRUCIBLE' has been acclaimed by Louder Than War as 'one of the albums of the year without doubt.' The 'blisfully atypical' collection of songs have been receiving regular airplay on BBC 6 Music, BBC London and BBC Introducing, ... more

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